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Measurements, Baby!

Okay, so I’m going crazy. I think I’ve lost my logic and reason. I am joining the previous #2weekchallenge at #mamavation and I think I’ve lost my mind.

I thought, oh this will be a great way to kick start my exercising…yes…yes it will. It’s going to kick my butt, chew me up, and spit me out. I read through the exercises. I am scared.

But I am also determined. Determined to take my life, the one where I used to sit and eat entire bags of tortilla chips, and shake it up. I am going to kick my junk food habit, I am going to be a role model for my children, I am going to change my patterns of overeating.

The Gruntstyle workouts look super hard, to be sure, but I have to start my change somewhere and this seems like the best place to start.

Last night I took my measurements, and oh boy, I did not like them. Here they are:

Chest: 41 inches
Thighs: 20 inches
Butt: 41.5 inches
Waist: 43 inches

I forgot which others I’m supposed to measure, but I’ll add them as needed.

Wish me luck tonight; I’m going to need it!


“Your journey begins when you dare to believe in yourself” ~ Angela

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Yesterday: Sans Exercise!! :(

Okay, so I have started pledging to be in the #mamavation sistahood, and while I’ve been very active on the twitter and blog commenting front, I’ve been slacking in another area; exercise!!!! I haven’t gone for a walk or done any form of exercise for two days and I’m getting down about that.

But today is a new day!! Today I WILL walk a mile and I WILL do a pilates DVD tonight. I have to! My journey cannot die when it has just begun and so I need to get back on the horse and kick my own butt.

Hubby almost brought a bunch of Sonic junk home last night but he couldn’t get ahold of me so he didn’t know if I’d want anything. Chances are, if he’d gotten ahold of me, I would have succum. So note to self *never answer hubby’s calls* haha!

I am trying and trying to encourage the hubs to get on this journey with me, but he is very resistant to this idea. He loves his junk food and it is his way of relieving stress. I am going to try to model healthy stress relief (i.e. exercise) to him, but it is ultimately his choice to do it or not. And it also ultimately my choice to fall back into my old patterns or keep forging ahead. So today, I’ll keep forging.

I’m also going to stop naming my posts by days because it is toally confusing me! :p I need to hold on to the brain cells I have left and not confuse them to death, so no more day # posts :)

Starting Weight: 176
Current Weight: 174.8
Total Lost: 1.2 lbs
Goal Weight: 145
Feeling: Really hungry, but I’m powering through and going to get some water in a minute

Progress Photo:

“Your journey begins when you dare to believe in yourself” ~ Angela

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Mamavation Monday

This post marks my first Mamavation post! Mamavation is both a docudrama and weight loss support group for moms in social media; it is both a campaign and a sorority.

So the reason for this post today is that I am pledging to be a part of the Mamavation Sistahood. I want to be a member of this group very badly for two important reasons; one I want to be able to support other women towards their weight loss and lifestyle change goals.

The second reason is that I have pretty much no support system in my fitness goals. I am alone in my home in this change; my husband still drinks 2-3 Dr. Pepper’s with dinner and asked me just last night if I wanted him to bring home cookies. No, I don’t want any damn cookies hubs! How am I supposed to change when he keeps tempting me with all of these horrible things??? Well, I’m hoping that is where the sisters of Mamavation will come in. I really need their support and guidance and someone to talk to when hubby practically tries to shove junk food in my face.

I have had many great successes this past week, but also some pitfalls. My goal for this upcoming week is to exercise in some form everyday and to track my calories every day. If I do these to things this week, I think I’ll be well on my way to becoming a more healthy person.

So here’s hoping that I get to become a Mamavation sista and that my change can truly become a reality!

“Your journey begins when you dare to believe in yourself” ~ Angela

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Day Six & Seven

Okay, I’m finally going to catch my blog up and do a post every night for the day I’m currently on.
Day six, yesterday, went pretty well. I had some cravings and did a little light snacking, but overall I think I did pretty good. I’m still trying to determine whether soynut butter and crackers is a bad snack; I guess it just depends on the amount I eat. I ate about 9 crackers (the mini saltines) with very little soynut butter (I’m talking dime size, not half dollar :p)

Yesterday evening I finally got my husband in on the new life and we took a 1.50 mile walk together around our neighborhood. It felt amazing knowing that I am not in this alone and that my partner in life is going to also be my partner in changing it :)

This morning, the beginning of day seven, I woke up and did my pilates routine. I did not complete the whole routine, which I am very disappointed about!! I felt so exhausted and hungry and I just had no energy to complete what I had started. Now, my son, who is 18 months old, did keep my hubby and I up until 1 am, so that may have contributed to my not being able to complete my exercise, but I’m still a little down about it.

Also, tonight, hubby and I went on our first date night since I’ve begun Fitness Epiphany. It didn’t go as planned. My plan was to eat a healthy dinner at whatever restaurant we went to. What actually happened was I ate a bowl of egg drop soup, 4 crab ragoons and about 2.5 cups of Lo Mein. When we went for ice cream afterwards (yeah, you read that right) I did not finish it though. I took about three bites and realized how badly I was sabotaging myself. No more!! Next time I will do better, much much better :)

In more positive news, I am applying to be in the Mamavation Sistahood. The Mamavation Sistahood is a group of women all supporting each other in the pursuit of weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. I think they are going to be a huge help in keeping me on track.

Okay, well that is it for tonight. I am going to go to bed soon so I can get up early in the morning and actually finish my pilates routine. Here’s hoping that little man actually stays asleep tonight!!

Starting Weight: 176
Current Weight: 174.8
Total Lost: 1.2 lbs
Goal Weight: 145
Days into challenge: 7
Feeling: Challenged but able

Progress Photo:

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Day Four & Five

My physical health keeps getting better and better! I’m so incredibly excited for the amazing changes that have been happening in my life!

Day Four was full of things going on at work. I got to work at 7 am and was on my feet all day. I was successful in tracking my foods and in staying under my calories. When I got home, my legs were so sore. The old me would have plopped down with a big snack and vegged in front of the TV. The new me, however, is the one in charge these days and so I decided to alleviate the horrible pain in my legs by doing Yoga. It felt amazing and my legs no longer hurt.

I’m losing track of my days for some reason, but I also wanted to mention that one night this week I did a 50 minute pilates workout. Amazing is a simple way to describe how that workout went and felt.

Yesterday, day five I broke a personal distance record for my evening walk and went 1.80 miles at a 3.5 mph pace. Awesome!

I have been breaking a lot of goals though, including not snacking on unhealthy things anytime during the day and making better choices about what I eat. Overall I would say that my changes thus far have been all successes.

Starting Weight: 176
Current Weight: 174.8
Total lost: 1.2 lbs
Days into challenge: 5

Progress Photo:


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