Bouncing Back From Fitness Failure

Maybe you’re in the same spot as me. I have completely lost my motivation for getting healthy and fit. I mean, I still have reasons for getting healthy; health, family, have more energy, look more sexy. But none of these are motivation.

I have been yo-yoing it for a while now. I’m back up to almost 190…185 is just 5 away from 190. I know I’m 5’7” and I “wear” my fat well, but on the inside I know it is tearing me up.

My knee has given out almost entirely which is a huge reason for not being able to get in shape right now. My passion is running but it is hard to do when every other step hurts.

I am going to start Weight Watchers hard core tomorrow. I am going to start blogging about my progress as well to give me a place to vent and shout in triumph that I did something good. Today is a new day and this can be a new me if I will just let it happen.

Starting weight: 185
Current Goal Weight: 170
Ultimate Goal Weight: 145 or slightly lower.

Wish me not luck, but motivation and perseverance!

~ Angela

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Veganism and Whole Foods

Today I’ve added another portion to my goal of losing weight, but more importantly, in becoming healthy. I have decided to make the biggest life style change I have ever made; I have decided to become vegan, and more specifically to only eat whole foods as often as possible.

We will see where this takes me, I’m hoping somewhere fabulous and healthy. I will try to document my experiences whenever possible.

~ Angela

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Weight Watchers

So the last time I lost weight it was through Weight Watchers. I lost 20 pounds in fact. That is a lot for me!

Since that time I stopped using WW, essentially I stopped working the program. Guess what happened? I gained 10 pounds back.

What did I learn from this experience? I learned that I am a woman in need of accountability. I almost have to see those numbers to know if I have the room to eat one more thing. I’m sure one day I will move on from this dependence, but for now I am a food addict, so for now I need to follow those numbers.

I am now an active member of WW again and I am doing ok again. It is very hard though because I often get hungry (thank goodness fruit and veggies are 0 points!) And I also get crazy cravings that literally drive me nuts. These are the hard times and they will pass, I am sure of it!

Progress Photo:


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My Week In Review

So I’m sure everyone is wondering whether I’ve continued to exercise given my burst of motivation or if it was just that, a burst, and nothing more.

Well I’m excited to report that I have consistently kicked my butt this week! I have alternated running and zumba daily and have had no break. I am so freaking proud of myself because I had truly fallen into a junk food hell in the months of October, November, and the beginning of December. Thank God I managed to climb out of that pit and realize what I was doing to myself!

I am also happy to report that between Christmas and now I have lost 10 pounds! Now to me this is bitter sweet because if I had continued to workout and eat right in the first place I would be even closer to my goal. But I have to take my accomplishments at face value and just be proud that I am on the right track again.

Today I really plan on using EA Sports Active 2 because I won’t be able to fit in zumba or running as I have a girl’s night tonight. So when Joshua goes down for a nap I’ll be trying that out.

I am also going to start the #2weekchallenge through Mamavation and I am loving how they have a nutrition aspect this time too because this is SO important!

Until next time!

“Your journey begins with you dare to believe in yourself.”

~ Angela

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Zumba Run – Mamavation Monday Post

It has been getting easier to make the choice to exercise, which I am so excited about! I think I was hit with a bout of depression here recently. My grandmother passed away and my personal relationships were few and rocky at that.

I simply could not find the energy reserves to get my butt up off the couch and workout.

Until New Year’s day! I thought to myself, “I should go running” and my goodness, I just got up and did it!! It felt amazing (aside from the cough I got afterwards from 19 mph winds) and I felt pumped up and alive again! Exercise truly is a creator of joy and high spirits.

Last night I did the same thing. “I should go to zumba” and so I did. I shook my buns all over the place and felt so much better about myself! I am so sore today in the best way. And now I feel even more motivated to keep strengthening my body and getting it ready for a continued healthy life.

Tonight I really plan on using EA Sports Active 2 so look for a blog post about that!

~ Angela

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